VSP® Orthognathics

3D Systems' product focused on routine orthognathic surgery is VSP® Orthognathics. Utilizing medical imaging data from a CT/CBCT, plus occlusal anatomy data, we provide a complete planning service that eliminates the need for traditional model surgery. An interactive web meeting between the surgeon and an engineer is performed to allow for simulation of the procedure, including surgically accurate placement of osteotomies and bony movements. The end result is an intermediate and final splint providing the clinical transfer of the digital plan into surgery. In addition to the splints, a case report detailing the osteotomies, movements and cephalometric movements is provided.

What is the Benefit?

At the heart of the VSP® Orthognathics product is the transition away from traditional model surgery to a more accurate, anatomically based surgical simulation method. Combine medical imaging with CT/CBCT, accurate planning of osteotomies and movements with well-fitting surgical splints, and the system removes hassle by streamlining cases and providing excellent clinical results. Surgery may be made more predictable and efficient through visualization of the anatomy through the planning process and by identifying where bony overlaps and gaps exist, all before surgery.

The Technology

More than 10 years of research and development have culminated in our streamlined product offering for orthognathic surgical planning. Keys of 3D Systems' technology include the ability to accurately integrate occlusal data from high-resolution scans of the stone models using a fiducial registration technique and their ability to fabricate guides, stents and other tools as needed for your case using additive manufacturing technologies. 3D Systems is proud to have partnered with Dolphin Imaging and their cutting-edge 3D Surgery™ software product for surgical planning in orthognathics.

Splint and Case Report Options

As the direct link to your case, the splints are highly important outputs of our system. We have the ability to design splints with a number of customizable features, such as minimizing/maximizing occlusal overlap, palatal strutting, sandwich splints (for segmental LeFort I cases) and more. Optionally for your case, 3D Systems can provide a splint made for 30-day or less intraoral use in a clear material for extended use. The surgeon will also receive a detailed case report with every set of splints, which shows the surgical plan, cephalometric movements and bony gaps/overlaps analysis.

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