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Medical Modeling is leading the world with its vision of personalized surgery and has established a new industry segment called Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®). Our service-based approach to personalized surgery combines expertise in medical imaging, surgical simulation and additive manufacturing. This allows surgeons of all computer backgrounds access to the most up-to-date toolbox for today’s most challenging head and neck surgical procedures. Combine a detailed virtual surgical plan with custom-engineered instrumentation and you have a winning combination of elements to ensure surgical success. Patented and clinically tested technology is available to aid surgeries ranging from trauma reconstruction of the facial skeleton to guidance of fibula free grafts to more routine orthognathic surgeries.

What is Virtual Surgical Planning?

At its most basic level, Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®) is about utilizing medical image data to accurately plan surgery in a computer environment and then transferring that virtual plan to the patient using customized instruments. The surgeon brings his/her clinical knowledge and desired surgical plan to an online web meeting, and Medical Modeling’s engineers enable visualization of that plan in a virtual environment. The design team at Medical Modeling then takes the completed and approved surgical plan to the next step by creating patient-specific, disposable instruments for use in the case. All of this happens in a fluid and open conversation where the surgeon has complete control of the surgical plan and the instrument design.

Virtual surgical planning is quickly becoming a standard of care for orthognathics and reconstructive maxillofacial surgeries. Common applications of this technology include:

  • Orthognathic surgical planning with CAD/CAM intermediate and final splints
  • Mandibular or maxillary reconstruction with free flaps
  • Trauma surgery, including repositioning guides and augmented DICOM data for navigation assistance
  • Distraction osteogenesis planning, including vector positioning and distractor placement
  • Guidance for microtia repair using autogenous materials

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